RnB artist Reich to perform at mental awareness campaign show

IMG-20191108-WA0004by Wellins Chimusimbe
RnB artist Reich, born Rachael Kwainona, will be performing at a mental awareness campaign show at the Presbyterian Church in Highlands, Harare tomorrow the 9th of November.

The show is open for everyone though being held at the church. Dubbed Beautiful Scars, the event will showcase the power of art, music and poetry in mental health therapy.

Reich, aged 25 said, “I am part of this organisation called Ignite Youth so we have combined two of our programs that is Lifeline and Creativity to create an event that brings creativity and also bringing out what Lifeline does to match it up and make one event. So, we are using creativity such as music, poetry as a way of therapy and we are going to have speakers talking on mental health. I will be performing and I am the leader for the Lifeline program so as a leader I do a lot like painting and sometimes I do events like colour your life where we use paint to draw as therapy for mental health. So basically that’s our event tomorrow.”

Reich, in her words believes she has a role to play in the community with regards mental health as it is not talked about in Zimbabwe. “People experience it but do not talk about it. Only when one commits suicide that is when we start taking action. We are more of reactionary than doing something about it. So I feel as an artist I should use anything at my disposal to talk about mental health.”

The artist hopes in the next five years Zimbabwe will have improved for the better with regards awareness and recognition of mental health. She believes by then mental health will talked much about.

Reich has her own organization as well called Loud Silence and it deals with mental health issues. Thus, other than being a singer, she is also taking initiative in trying to make a change in Zimbabwe. On asking her if she has any songs to the effect of mental health awareness, Reich indicated that she currently does not have any but is in the process of composing some.

Reich is an Afro Pop and RnB artist. She hopes to have collaborations with big artists and make it in the music industry in Zimbabwe and beyond its borders.

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